Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture

AgriForetell - helping you to take data-driven decisions

Spectral Analysis for your crops

We help you to detect disease in very early stages

Satellite based crop area mapping

Acreage and yield prediction to help you plan crop procurement and logistics

Our products

  • Remote monitoring of farm from anywhere in the world
  • Near real time health insights
  • Enabling precision agriculture
  • Growth trend graph

AI enabled drone based crop monitoring

Spectral analysis of crops

We help you to detect diseases in very early stages

AI enabled crop area mapping

Simplifying crop procurement and logistics

  • Yield prediction
  • Crop Quality prediction
  • Price Prediction


AI and Big Data

Near real-time insights

Yield prediction

Satellite and drone based

Early stage disease detection

User friendly Webapp

Meet our team

Srishti Arora

Co-Founder & CEO

B.E.(Hons.) - Electronics & Instrumentation BITS Pilani, Pilani campus. Ex - Jio GIS & Big Data R&D.

Piyush Kumar

Founder & CTO

B.E.(Hons.) - Mechanical BITS Pilani, Pilani campus. Ex-Lead Mechanical Engineer in I2U2 Robot, ex-R&D engineer in Milagrow Humantech.

Diwakar Pingle

Chief Revenue Officer

M.Sc (Tech), BITS, Pilani PGDM, Symbiosis

Ajinkya Pol

Computer Vision & AI Engineer

M.Tech Mechatronics & Automation VIT, Vellore. ex - Robotics and SDE at I2U2 Robot, R&D engineer in Milagrow Humantech.

Akshar Padman

Mechatronics Engineer

M.Tech Mechatronics NIT, Surathkal. His interests lie primarily in autonomous systems and Robotics.

Manish Jones

Remote Sensing & GIS Engineer

Remote sensing engineer, graduated from BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering.


Founding Member, Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh
Founder & CEO - POR Industrial Park. Ex-Manager – Marico Limited

Senior VP, ICG Global Architect Solution CITI Bank
Director, Enterprise Architecture : UBS Wealth Management

Founder and Managing Director - Impactsure Business Consulting : Jan 2018 – Present
Vice President - Telenet Systems Pvt Ltd : Mar 2004 – Present
Director,Monitri Technologies

Facilitator and Mentor for several Non-profit and Non-governmental organizations working towards agriculture. Liasoning Platform between governmental institutes, corporate companies, NGO’s, Research institutes, Universities, Banks and Progressive farmer groups. Teaching experience for University students of agriculture and horticulture

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Marico Innovation Foundation


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